Learn to massage like a pro!

Rachel Wolff is the leading expert in teaching professional massage to non-professionals. In these customized Partner Tutorials, you will learn anatomy, technique, ergonomics and body mechanics. With over a decade of experience as a LMT, educator and coach, and over 5,000 hours of hands-on massage under her belt, she definitely knows what she’s doing!!

People are in a constant state of pain nowadays. Physically, we’re hurting from all kinds of factors- posture, dehydration, and that’s only part of the picture. Mental illness is also more common than ever, with anxiety affecting more than 18% of the general population (ADAA, 2018.) We all carry stress in our bodies, and so many of us are at a loss for how to manage it. If we don’t do anything to manage our patterns of chronic holding, how long do you think it can be sustained?

In her massage business and her private practice over the past decade, Rachel has seen more and more clients present with physical pain that originates from emotional stress- from work, home life, or from political, social, or global events. Rachel is driven by a deep purpose to empower people through their self-care skills.


At Rachel’s Studio

Learn to massage using everything we have there- the massage table, face cradle, hot towel cabbie, aromatherapy, etc. You will learn how to give an amazing full-body massage, customized to you and your partner’s needs. This typically takes about 1.5 hours per partner.

At Your home

Learn to massage like a pro using what you already have at home- chair, floor, edge of bed, etc. This is the highest-value Partner Tutorial provided anywhere! This tutorial will empower you to take your self-care regimen to the next level. Typically, these sessions last between 3-4 hours.

At Your Business

Customized to fit your needs, and can include any/all of the following: staff surveys, workplace/worksite assessments, ergonomic recommendations, staff massage tutorials (utilizing their desks/chairs, typically.) Makes for a great team-building day!! Please email Rachel at to discuss details.

Please note: these are NOT your average Partner Tutorials. We focus on technique and results, and your “partner” can be anyone- a friend, parent, coworker- NOT necessarily a SO. These are fully-customized tutorials, created just for you, with your physical and emotional needs in mind. Rachel is also proud to offer a trauma-informed practice, where boundaries and consent reflect her foundational RESPECT for each and every client.

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