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“Going to the Sunflower Massage Studio was the best decision I have ever made!

Prior to my first session twice a week I was going to physical therapy for my back and neck. When I arrived at my first visit I was given a consultation and evaluation. Rachel noticed immediately that I was carrying my stress in my back and neck. She told me that she was going to help me and boy did she! I opted for the 90 minute massage. Rachel used heat, her hands and hot stone therapy on my back and really gave my neck some much needed attention. When I left I was feeling 200% better…but wait the best part is that I have not had to go back to physical therapy since that first session with Rachel at the Sunflower Massage Studio. She is truly a knowledgable professional in the art of massage.” Michelle S. - Client for 5+ years

“I was in a motorcycle accident and my body was all out of whack- nothing was broken but I was banged up and bruised and my spine was all out of alignment.

Rachel at Sunflower put it all back into place in one session. Totally amazing. She’s very strong and intuitive. Her space is very nice and she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed before really going to work.

I was worried that I’d have to go see a chiropractor or something, but Rachel totally took care of me without having to totally crack my joints or whatever those crazy people do. She got my muscles to relax and re-align and helped work out places where I was bruised and sore.

Total A+. I walked away feeling back to normal and relaxed.” Michael U. - Entrepreneur and Inventor, Client

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